Zoom Regions, animations and shapes with text Vs HTML5

Nov 12, 2015

Hi there,

Current project I am working on is for delivery on HTML5, and I have found a few glitches I am working through.

I have incorporated zoom regions into a project to show conversation and create some movement on screen.  I am finding that the zoom regions are working sporadically.  The zoom region seems to move off target on some of the screens yet it is fine on others, I've had to remove those where it was an issue and leave it as full screen. Has anyone experienced something similar?

Also does anyone have a list of animations to avoid when designing for HTML5? I've noticed some work fine but grow does not (ive replaced grow with a quick shape animation instead). Only found this in current project I am working on, would be good if there was a list of what does and does not work.  If anyone knows where such a list exists let me know, if not I may go through animations and test which does and does not and produce a list myself.

Also noticed that shapes where I have text in them ie a rectangle or a text box, where I have a 10px cushion around it, reformats the text, changes the font, removes the cushion and pushes it hard against the edge.  Bit annnoying, having to go through and change all of these shapes to a group with a shape and a separate text box. (ive attached a pic of what it looks like) Anyone got a workaround for this?




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