Zoom States - Clicking to zoom in & out

Mar 22, 2018


I have an image which I have created a zoom state for, so that when a user clicks the image it zooms in. However I want the user to be able to click the same image when zoomed in, to then have it return to a normal state. 

Issue is, the triggers act against each other so the image then does not zoom in or out when selected. I have simple triggers:

change state of image to zoom when selected

change state of image to normal when selected & image state = zoom

I am not using the zoom image feature as this makes the image zoom in and it is displayed in a weird way (picture isn't central, but instead zooms out and over the player)

Anyone else have this issue?

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Emerson Collins

Using a true/false variables to show/hide layers works for me.

On the base layer, you can use rectangles as hotspots for the true/false trigger to show the layer. You can use a Hide layer trigger with the true/false variable to hide the layer. 

On the layer, add a trigger to pause the time line and add a hide layer trigger on the image, in case the user clicks the image. 

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