Zooming Storyline HTML5 output

Feb 07, 2018

Has anyone had success with zooming SL HTML5 output using the browser? When I have my course player "locked to optimal size," I'm unable to zoom using the typical CTRL-+ and CTRL-- commands. I can open the Chrome menu and change the zoom and that works, but I can't do it without opening the menu. 

Any suggestions?

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Erich Renken

I know that a course that scales to the browser window is unzoomable. Yes, HTML5. Storyline 360.

This is an accessibility issue (https://www.w3.org/TR/UNDERSTANDING-WCAG20/visual-audio-contrast-scale.html) that we're working through. It's not clear that allowing the course to scale to the browser window meets the WCAG requirement.

In the Storyline documentation (https://articulate.com/support/article/articulate-storyline-and-web-content-accessibility-guidelines-wcag), Articulate's response to the 1.4.4 requirement is that it's "Author controlled. The author sets the font size for slide text and player controls." This doesn't address the learner's ability to zoom the text, though, unless I'm missing some ability that Storyline has to allow the learner to adjust the font size. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Erich,

There isn't a function in Storyline to have the learner zoom in on the text on the slide, so it would have to have been set to a particular font size, or allow the browser to zoom.

I'm not an accessibility expert (far from it!) but I also I hadn't used this feature before, so I took a look at a sample file with text and one slide with a button and upload it here.  I viewed it on Chrome for Mac, and I was able to use the CMD + to zoom in, and CMD - to zoom out, so that does seem to work? 

It terms of player browser settings, I did use "lock player at optimal size" and then "display browser at current users' size" but I was able to zoom in/out normally. Can you let me know how my link behaves for you zooming in? 

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