110% Possible?

Oct 02, 2019

I have created a course with a fun activity throughout where the user collects items. I want this activity to count for 10 points. It tallies as an 11th question. I don't want the activity to detract from the user's score (if they get all the questions right, I want them to get 100%) but I do want it to count for 10 points, hence the 110%. Has anyone accomplished this and, if so, how did you do it?

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Chester Morales

Hi Tina,

If I understand it correctly, you wanted to have a 10-item quiz (100%)  with an additional activity (10%) and combine the results of both on the Results slide to show 110% (if user is perfect).

There are a number of ways on how to implement this, but this is how I'd do it.

  • Do not add the 'activity' as the question to be calculated on the Results Slide Properties (uncheck it)
  • Create a variable to hold the score of the activity and the total score (in my attached example, I used 'activityScore' and 'totalScore' respectively) 
  • On the Correct layer of your 'activity' slide, add a trigger to set the 'activityScore' variable to 10. This will only be executed if they answered this slide correctly
  • On the Results slide, add a trigger to add the 'Results.ScorePercent' to 'totalScore'
  • On the Results slide, add another trigger to add the 'activityScore' to the 'totalScore'

You can then modify your Results slide to show the new variable instead of the original scores

Now, passing this to the LMS is another story. I found this thread which might be useful about this matter.

I'm attaching a sample. Hope this helps.

Tina Moreno

Ulises, thanks for having the curiosity to question my process.

Again. it is just a fun activity that encourages learners who might enjoy an easter egg hunt (not easter eggs really, just pathogens throughout a BBP course) to spend time with the content. Adding something fun to elearning is a novelty concept here and I want to encourage learners to enjoy the experience and learn at the same time. It is my first foray into an aspect  of gamification and I am learning too.

Also, they get credit for spending the time with the content. They should get 100% anyway if they answer the questions correctly. The extra 10 points will give them credit for spending the time with the content instead of speeding through it. If they do miss a question, this will still give them the opportunity to get 100%.

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