2018 Volunteer Opportunities?

While I *did* find a thread asking having a Discussion Board, it is a couple of years old now. Therefore, I wanted to bring this topic to y'alls' Front of Mind.  Has anyone had any recent experience with any of the Volunteer sites (eg. idealist.org).  I know about LINGOs but their .org is more about supplying resources than collecting interested e-learning types.

Or...is it just a matter of going to <insert search engine here> and just start typing keywords in? I know there's the big initiative for Martin Luther King Day coming up, but isn't that more for "physical" volunteering?





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Christy Tucker

Designers for Learning has options for volunteers during their service learning projects. http://designersforlearning.org/getinvolved/volunteer-as-designer

KeelWorks has part time volunteer/intern opportunities too. http://keelworks.org/opportunity.htm

Learn Appeal is a UK-based charity that uses volunteers to create elearning. http://learnappeal.com/

Some local ATD chapters may have opportunities too, but it varies widely from chapter to chapter. At the national level, volunteering is usually writing articles or speaking; that can be true at the chapter level too.