A spot of research

Jan 26, 2021

I am doing a spot of research and wondered if you could help me.

I build eLearning for a financial company and I was wondering how many pieces of content would you say you build a year?

I know content type, interactions and durations will vary.

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Helen Gilbert

I know isn't it! 

By content, I mean a brand new piece of content, built from scratch (you could nab interactions you've previously built if you have them).

Basically, I am trying to pull a case together to get another developer (it's currently just me). But, as you know, eLearning build times all depend on the complexity of the build and the subject/objectives you're delivering. 

I've been sent this link https://www.td.org/insights/how-long-does-it-take-to-develop-training-new-question-new-answers, which is great, but dated. I was planning on pulling all the stats together and working out an average (with additional comments explaining how builds can vary). 

Kalena Hornkohl

I typically build 2-4 brand new courses per year and maintain around 9 compliance courses each year (which can sometimes count towards building a brand new course if I've decided it needs a full refresh). It can get rough if a team decides they'd like new elearning developed (I mainly work on HR pieces), and we actually did have a department hire an instructional designer bc I was unable to assist them with developing the amount of content they needed.

Chris Dale

Again, this depends on the course. I've done a pathway with 3 modules, with 6 modules and a few with just 1 module. The 6 module pathway was big, had a lot of content, but each module was based on the same design so it wasn't like 6 individual courses as I could utilize content. Don't get me wrong, it still took a long time though.

Helen Gilbert

I know right, it basically is how long is a piece of string isn't it.

I use Storyline most of the time; I like the speed of RISE, but I like the flexibility over design and layout in Storyline more (plus I've used it for so long, it is a rapid build tool for me).

I create some of my own graphics, but nothing major. I use a lot of stock images to balance out how quick they need to be developed and build videos using Vyond.