Accessing Object properties when they are in a scrolling panel

 Is there a way to access an object's properties (like name) once you have dropped it into a scrolling panel. After you drag the object into the panel all that appears on the timeline is the scroll and there seems to be no way to access the objects properties unless you drag it back out of the scroll, make modifications, and then drag it back into the scroll which seems very ineffective. Most More involved items like triggers on hotspots can become a nightmare to use within scrolling panels.

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Nicole Legault

Hi Michael, 

Thanks for posting your question here! There is indeed a way to access an objects properties once it's dropped into a scrolling panel. 

On the timeline where the scrolling panel object appears, all the way to the left, you'll notice an arrow. 

When you click on it, the Scroll panel will expand and show all the objects within it. You can then select the objects to edit their properties. 

Hope this helps! :)