How do you Display your Accolades Slide?

Hello! Any advice on best practices for laying out the content on a guest speaker's accolades slide would be wonderful and most certainly appreciated! We are attempting to standardize the guest speaker's accolades slide but have some debate as to what the best way to present this information on the slide is.

Most of our guest speaker's are within the company and have had several years of experience directly related to the audience and also a mixed background of experience within the company.  Here are the two ways we have presented the accolades slides - yet of course we want to standardize our approach for our facilitators to have consistency when speaking to the audience.

1. List the current role of the guest speaker and then continue the bulleted list back through the most relevant roles/accomplishments the individual has had related to the audience. Any other roles held within the organization would be then stated after the most, current roles held like this:  "He/She also has had these roles, a, b,c, in the company earlier on in their career."

2. Begin with when they started with the organization and work your way through all roles they have had (applicable directly to the audience or not) and then end on where they are and who they are today.


Please let me know the best practices for your company on this level of detail. 



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dave faldasz

Hi Sara!

If I were to tackle that task, I'd probably see what there is in here on carousels or scrolling images tied to a slider. A few pictures make it more interesting than just plain text. And sliders or the carousel approach might maximize the real estate of one slide a little better... How many bullets are you dealing with?