Activity/games ideas for compliance training

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We are working on an emergency management module. 

We have some scenarios that we think it could work well with this module such as weather incident, code triage activation and code blue emergency. we want to turn these scenarios into a games. Do you have any ideas?

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Ray Cole

Create a simulation first that allows learners to perform these tasks. Then add features that keep score, awarding points for correct actions and reducing points for incorrect actions. Give learners a goal of reaching a certain minimum score to pass the challenge (game).

Basically: Simulation + Score = Game.

This will be a much more relevant game than something like Jeopardy or Trivial Pursuit games that simply quiz learners at a fact-based level. The Simulation + Score games get you higher on Bloom's taxonomy--into the Application level at least, which is where you really have to be if you want the skills learners develop from mastering the game to transfer to their jobs in a way that can have real impact.

Good luck with it!


Ilona Winnemore

Hi Matilda,

I think simulations are way to go like Ray said.

I just took part in a CERT drill and have been  thinking about how to build those situations (triage, medical, grid search etc.) into e-Learning. I was amazed to understand how many changing situations and responses can a simulation capture compared to a simple scenario design. I found during our drill that all the unexpected simulation elements made the drill a good learning experience. We had surprises in team communication, random victim -actor behavior, stumbling  unexpectedly into a victim inside a building where kids were present, team not agreeing how to proceed in a situation etc.).  So yes-big fan of simulation. 

Good luck with your project,


Ilona Winnemore


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Hope you find this information useful :)

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