Adding a Like button

Hi all! 

So.. I'm building a course for students and was thinking it'd be great if they could hit a "Like" button at the end of the course if they liked it. Is there a way I could potentially collect that data? I'll have basic LMS tracking, so I don't need any more details about the user other than the number of times that button was pressed...I'm hoping something like that is already around, or somebody can help me with what functionality I can use in this new way? Pretty please? Thanks! 

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David Price

I'm not sure about reporting into an LMS but one of my team found a way to post an interaction into a Google Sheet which may work (it may have been on here) using JavaScript.  It's not ideal but it is a way of tracking interactions that an LMS cant/wont.

I can root out the instructions if your interested in exploring that option.

David Price

Hi Hajira, I have attached the instructions on how to do it.  I personally have not used it but a few of my colleagues have done it successfully.  Apparently you need to make sure the triggers are fired in the correct order otherwise it wont work properly.