Adding an "You already viewed this section" layer to a menu page

Nov 04, 2016


I'd like to add a pop-up that reads "You've already viewed this section. Are you sure you want to review it again?" if the learner clicks on a completed menu item. How would I set this up so that it only happens after the section has been viewed? I have a completed state on the menu button, and a true/false variable that triggers at the start of the timeline on the last slide in the section and sets it to true.

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Michael Hinze

You could add the popup message to a layer ( I guess you would need one layer for each of your menu items). Then add a trigger to each menu button like:

ShowLayer xyz when user clicks button abc, under the condition that State of button abc is Completed.

Make sure this trigger is executed before any other triggers that may be connected to a button.

Brandon Harper

You could always just use a shape with the text. Add a variable (I like a True/False) to the slide with false as the default. Set the variable to change to True after the content is reviewed. Add a trigger to change state of "shape" to hidden at the start of the timeline IF your variable is false. 

By doing this, if they have already viewed the content, the variable will be TRUE and the SHAPE will SHOW with your messaging. 

I have attached a quick example. Hope you find it helpful :-)

Michael Hinze

I may have misunderstood your description. I thought that you wanted to provide the 'already seen' info for each section, but still provide a button that would allow a user to revisit the section anyway. In that case, I thought it would be easier to have a layer for each section. There are all kinds of other options, it all depends on your specific setup.

Mike Stewart

I'm new to Storyline but this was something I needed for my first project.  My main screen has 8 buttons, each of which opens a different scene. I gave each of the buttons 2 states - the "normal" state has plain text and the "Completed" state has text with a line through it. The last slide in each scene sets a variable (named like the scene) to True when the use clicks on the "Next" button which takes them back to the main screen. If that section's variable state is True, the button text has the line through it to show it's been completed.  The user can still click the button and go through the scene again.

Mike Stewart

Hi Katie.  If you have set variables for each of the scenes to show each as completed you could use the same variables to hide the Next button.

Create a trigger which will set the state of the Next button to Hidden, when the timeline starts, and in the Conditions list all your scene variables using OR so that if any of the variables are False (ie. scene not completed) the Next button is hidden.

Does that sound ok?

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