Adding Mulitiple Total Variables into one result slide

Aug 11, 2017

Dear Community,

As always, thank you for your suggestions and help.  I have built a module with six scenes.  Each scene is built around adjusting variables to get a total score. At the end of the module, I then want to add all these scene totals to have a graded and recorded to the LMS score.

I originally set it up with having the scene totals adjusting a grandtotalscore then adding that reference into my result slide. However, when I try to set up my result slide,  I had to click combine the result slides and then did the 80 % passing. When  I do this all I get nothing. No totaling, no adjusting the variables. I have attached the screenshots of all the results slides.

Thanks for any help.


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Hoffman  EMS Consulting


Thanks for replying. So, I changed things around so I had the learner at the end before the result slide add up all the patients scores.  That works into a TOTAL score. Resulting in %Total%. That works.  However, when I tried to apply your fix above. That doesn't work. Somehow the 

But,  I want to know this.. The score they need to pass is 80. Can I just have write a text box of 80?  Then have the success and failure layer show based upon 80?  If so, WILL THIS RECORD INTO THE LMS? 

Thanks for any thoughts.


Wendy Farmer

Hi Tamarah

Not sure if part of your post is missing looks like you started a sentence ...

Can you share the .story file - might be easier to help you if we can see the file setup.

My understanding is the 'submit results' trigger is based on the variables (resultsx) that get sent to the LMS so just writing in a text box wouldn't be recorded.

Hoffman  EMS Consulting

Thanks Wendy,

Here is the story file. You can see where I am still messed up the results files. Of course the master slide menu is still not resetting between the scenes- only the skin tear is working correctly, but I am fussing with that one. 

Thanks for looking at it. I appreciate it. 


Wendy Farmer

Hi Tamarah

I don't know of a way without using the result slide variables to be able to send a result to the LMS - there may be a way with javascript to evaluate your %PtTotalScore1% and match it to a result slide variable but I don't know enough about JS to do that.

In addition, none of the slides are set up as actual quiz slides so that's why they are not appearing in the list when you add a result slide to be able to select them.

You may be able to convert you content slides where you are assessing the learner to freeform quiz slides e.g. this slide could be converted to a pick many slide which would then appear in a result slide for selection and you could assign points to the question but not to the choice - so that may not work for you.

Sorry I can't be more help.

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