Affordable Microphone

Feb 28, 2022


I think I'm going to invest in a microphone. I've resisted it for some time because I don't like my voice and have an interesting accent (I'm from Chicago).  I'm pretty sure I will NOT be called upon as a voice-over artist, but I'd like to do some recording for my portfolio. Can you please recognize a decent, but not very expensive microphone?

Thank you,


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Victoria Violet

Hello Kandice. 

I hope you have done a deep research on it. Hopefully you have selected some microphones. You will get more suggestion soon. But according to my experience Blue Yeti USB Mic for Recording and Streaming is best. It is available on Amazon and it price is $121 (Black). You may contact via phone number or chat. 

Now I don't know what's your budget.  If you have some low budget you can go with Karaoke Wireless Microphone.