AI voiceover recommendations

Nov 15, 2020

Hello, I'm looking to use an AI voiceover app for my courses, as I'm working remotely full time now and don't have access to great voiceover volunteers at my office any longer. Anyone have any good recommendations or reviews? I am looking at LOVO and Well Said Labs. Thank you!

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Philip Landry

Have you tried Articulate 360 ? The built in AI voiceover text to voice works excellent and allows a good deal of customization. I use it on my courses and have been very happy so far. Its built into the system too. What functions do you need it for that would require outside voiceover/narration?

Allison Znachko

Thank you for the info!
I've been actually trying a free trial with them, but the "conversational" functionality just isn't there- for example, I can't get my characters to ask questions the way I want them to, or ask questions, period. The WellSaid representative admitted the technology is just not there yet. But for narration, it is nice!

Allison Znachko
Instructional Designer

James Cox

I've been using Balabolka - free text-to-speech program which can use some of the MS voices, as well as third-party purchased voices.  You could also check out MS Word's Narrator feature and capture it with Audacity or some other s/w.

Still a bit robotic, so if you're looking for a truly human-sounding voice these won't get you there...

Diane Western

Is Amazon Polly a high learning curve?  (There were a number of 1 hour videos on the site; and it looked like it required scripts to be inserted for pauses.)  

Also, for the interface, does it allow a grouped import and export? (Such as importing an entire module at once, then the clips are separated based on paragraphs?

Thanks for your help.

Jennifer Bell Young

Re- opening this comment thread because we are having issues with Rise appending AI generated files. Rise is reading the first sentence of the "script" and using that in the file title and we are ending up with titles that are over 30 characters long! Our LMS is kicking them back. How can we stop Rise from reading that content and saving the files in this way?


Chris Cosgrove

I'm using SL360 and the only choices for text to speech are now showing as neural. When I add SSML codes I get an error saying the voice may not support the codes or the codes are wrong. I've verified my codes but wonder if I'm doing something wrong as the list of SSML codes apply to Neural voices. Anyone have insight to using the SSML codes?

Gary Fisher

My company used PlayHT in the past. Their prices were reasonable, and had a wide selection of voices (including dialects). That was a couple of years ago. Im sure technology has improved since. We were using Lectora at the time which did not have a text to speech. Something I realized after looking at other applications, many are using the same voices. Articulate's stock voices have improved with the last update. However, there is a noticeable different.

Regardless of what software is being used, I still think its easy to hear when its AI talking. For shorter classes I use Voice.AI. It allows the user to speak in famous voices. Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones, and William Shatner sound good.

Jennifer Bell Young

Specifically, how Rise takes these AI generated audio files and makes them so long that our LMS kick them back when we upload. We use and that is how I discovered this issue. I plan to test Storyline's AI audio voices and see if Rise does the same thing. Have you noticed a difference in the file title length Rise generates between and Storyline?

Jennifer Bell Young

I appreciate all the recommendations and they are less expensive than so I will definitely be checking them out. However, I would really appreciate a response from the Articulate crew about what they can do about Rise and how it adds all these extra characters. It seems to be a thing that has impacted people and their LMSs for a while now. They know this creates an issue no matter what tool is used. you have a response?

Eric Santos

Hello Jennifer,

Thanks for sharing your experience regarding the audio filename length in Rise 360; I'm sorry you ran into this!

Our engineers are currently looking into shortening the filenames in the published output, so I'll go ahead and include your voice in the report. We'll let you know once this change is available. In the meantime, we're happy to troubleshoot your course for any tailored options. Feel free to connect with us in a case using this link.