alternate versions of a course

Feb 16, 2012

Hi. I would like to create an alternate version of a course for a client, where I would be making some edits to about half of the slides (so they can see which version they prefer). Most of the edits will be to Engage slides. I am a bit nervous about keeping all of the files straight and was wondering if there are any suggestion as to how to do this without getting things all mixed up.

Does simply re-naming the files, and creating a new folder seem like the way to go?

Thanks for any input,


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Kristin Savko

If it were me, I would also make sure that I occasionally manually backed up the files to a remote location (like Dropbox) every so often, because I am too accident prone when it comes to those sorts of things! At least then if you edit in the wrong place, you might have an easier place to "restart"  

Then I hope you never have to use the backup!!

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