Alternative Methods for Hidden/Showing Next Button

Apr 18, 2019


Each month, a safety video is created on Storyline 3 that requires employees to watch a video then take a quiz. The video slide is usually a 20-30 minutes YouTube video that is required to watch (not by my choosing) followed by a short quiz. The video slide is set up so the next button is hidden until the timing of the video should play through and to prevent fast forwarding. However our employees are truck drivers constantly moving and for some reason, the trigger is very spotty for them. While there may be some who try to fast forward, have an old phone, or unreliable internet connection, I hear about this enough to wondering if there is something better I could do with the trigger (See image below). If you have any ideas or insights, I would love to hear them! 


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Ravindra R

Hi Karoline,

Like you said, your employees "try to fast forward, have an old phone, or unreliable internet connection". So the trigger you are using to change the state of Next button to Normal, doesn't always fire at the right time because it depends on the timeline and not on the video. 

You could do a couple of things :
1. Disable the controls for the video, so that the trigger won't fire until the video is finished. See here (under "Optional Parameters") -
2. Use Javascript to figure out when the video ends, then with a combination of variables and triggers, show the Next button.

The first one is definitely an easier path. But, if you want the users to be able to control the video, the second one is probably your only option.

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