Video and trigger

Hi there,

I have a video in my SL3 where a text box appears first that reads, "Review the video carefully ..... by choosing play or pause below. 

Now my trigger indicates: change the state of, "watch the scenario text box" to Hidden when user clicks on video 1. 

My issue is, that when the learner clicks on the actual video it plays and the text box disappears.  However if the learner clicks on the play button from the "show video controls below video" feature, the text box does NOT disappear.

What am I doing wrong or missing? :)

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Pamela Hall

Hi Sally,

It's the built in play button. You know when you insert a video and then
you go to options and you can have the video play automatically or you can
choose show video controls below video. That's the play and pause I'm
talking about. I mean I could create my own buttons, but I thought I'd see
if someone had any other ideas.
Thanks so much for reaching out.

Richard Mulcahy

I don't use the built in player and use buttons instead, as I like to have the video full screen on my slides. I used buttons (over the video) to have the learner Play, Pause or Restart the video. Of course, this can also hid the text and prevents the problem with the learner selecting the built in play button.