Button cover will not change to hidden when returning to tab

I'd like our students to (1)see/hear the information on the slide tab. when the audio finishes, the video to the button will be enabled (2) click to watch the video. when the video completes, the back button will enable  (3) return to the slide tab. The video button should be in it's visited state. A translucent box is covering the tab buttons. This should disappear when the video button is in the visited state.

It is the last part that is not working. Even though the video button is "visited" it will not follow the trigger to change the button cover (translucent box) to hidden. I don't know why this is happening.

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Belen Ferrer

Hi Taylor,

I'm not sure why your story didn't work, but I did get your effect to work. Couldn't test extensively because my internet connection is having trouble with the Youtube videos, but I did get something that works.

I tried changing the Layer Properties of the 'meter-reader' (video) layer to NOT Hide other layers, so that it basically plays on top of the meter layer.

Then I changed the Back button trigger to hide the video layer instead of showing the meter-reader layer:

Another thing I noticed was that the trigger that makes the translucent box disappear is linked to the Sound file. I made a trigger that was not attached to the Sound file, although I'm not sure that's what made the difference:

I'm attaching your file here, with the meter layers modified and the other layers and triggers set up the way you had them. When I tested it on my computer, the meter layers behaved the way you wanted, while the others did not.

Let me know if this fixes the issue for you.