Alternatives for feedback responses?

Nov 21, 2018

Hi all!
I'm curious what others use in place of "Correct" and "Incorrect" for the feedback slide header. I'd like to use a friendly tone, so went with a simple "That's right!" for the correct layer but can't seem to come up with anything appropriate for the incorrect. 

I've considered just providing the feedback without a header on the incorrect slide, but am not satisfied with the inconsistency of correct having a header and incorrect not.


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Nicole Legault

This is a great question Bethany glad you followed my suggestion to post it here in the community! 

I sometimes keep it simple and leave the term Incorrect. 

Also, like Allison, I often use "That's not quite right!" or something along those lines. 

Sometimes I don't even use a specific keyword and instead use indicators other than text to let the learner know if they are right or wrong.

For example...

  • Using red accent color for incorrect and green accent color for Correct (although it's recommended to not do ONLY this, for color-blind learners)
  • Using a check-mark for correct and an X for incorrect is also a good way to provide feedback that immediately lets learner know if they are right or wrong, without using text.
  • Another thing I do use characters and let their facial expressions show if the answer is right or wrong.
  • Finally, often when I write feedback for scenarios I start more with a sentence that describes the outcome of that choice. For example: "The client is upset." or "You lost the sale!"

Anyways, those are a few tips from me. I'm also interested to see what others in the community have to say! 

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