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Oct 14, 2013


I have created a multiple choice quiz and altered the feedback slide master for both the correct and incorrect responses. I did this by deleting all of the default text/images on the master and creating new ones with the look I wanted.

The new feedback seems to work as I want, although, it is still pulling through the  default "continue" button and 'correct/incorrect' header text even though they are not showing on the slide master. Where else could it be pulling this information through from? I'm having to manually alter every slide.

Thanks in advance for any help you're able to give me with this.



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Matthew Swift

Hi Ashley,

I went into the player and I've removed the text as shown below

I have set up my feedback slide master like this

 Yet when I go into the feedback lay this is what I'm getting:

I'm then having to realign the text box as per the slide master and delete the blank button for both the correct and incorrect layer for every question.

Any further help would be tremendously helpful.



Tom Dorsey

Tom Dorsey said:

I have a similar situation - except I am having to change my font color on every slide (10,000 questions times 2 feedback slides).

i was informed by support to change how I am doing my project since there is no guarantee they will ever fix it.  

Sorry I can't be of more help.


I should clarify - this issue is for quizmaker 13 - not storyline.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Matthew, 

Since you've created a Continue button with the same text (formatted a bit differently) are you unable to use the built in button and move it to where you'd need it to be? I tested this with my own Storyline files and moved the built in "Continue" button, and it is not on the Feedback slide, although it is off to the side of the slide itself. 

Are you able to share your .story file with us here or if you'd prefer to share it privately? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Matthew,

I see that you were unable to receive my email, and it looks like we have a few different contact emails for you, so I also wanted to include my reply here within the thread: 

Hi Matthew, 

Thanks for sending along your file. Since you deleted all the items on the Feedback masters, I'm not sure there is a fix at this time, other than updating each layer individually. By default, you can't modify the look of the Continue button on question feedback layers. However, you can hide the built-in Continue button and create your own. Here's how: 

When you add layers to a slide, they'll be based upon the feedback master's blank layout by default. Please review the following article for more information: 

Just reply to this email if you need more help. 

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