Animate, Rotate, and Resize smoothly?

Jul 22, 2019

I'm trying to make an image go from large and tilted in the center of the player window to small and horizontal in the corner of the player window in SL 360.

I can animate it so it goes to the corner.

I can use states to make it smaller.

But I can't make it move smoothly and shrink as it moves, and I can't seem to figure out how to change the rotation to horizontal with anything (rotation isn't available in Edit States).

Any ideas?

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Tracie Jackson

Try a motion path and an animation to spin and shrink.

Make the spin a quarter turn so that it gets horizontal.

It will shrink all the way out but you can add a second image (instead of a state) that is smaller and horizontal. If you set this to fade in at the same time that the larger image is fading out. it can look seamless.

I've attached a rough sample. Playing with the timing a bit might give you what you are looking for.


I haven't figured out how to make it shrink while it is on the motion path. I'd be interested to know if anyone knows how to do that.


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