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Nov 08, 2017

Hi all

I'm exploring what's out in the market for animation software to create short animated videos. Currently we outsource this as a business because we don't have the technology or in many cases the time to create this sort of thing. Really driving modern digital learning currently in the business so we are moving more towards using more multimedia and more eLearning. Below link is an example of style of animation we're wanting to create.

So, I'm looking for suggestions please. What's the best software out there that works seamlessly with Storyline and gives good quality animations, easy to use, doesn't take months to create, but gives the learner a great experience. I've mainly looked a little into 'Goanimate' currently.




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David Tait

Nick is right to bring After Effects to the table. It has a lot going for it and if used properly will give you a very polished finish. One consideration before diving in though, be sure your hardware is up to the task. Render times can be very long on an underpowered computer and will potentially prevent you using your machine until the render has finished.

Another plus in my mind for Adobe Animate is the HTML5 output. One minute of HTML5 animation will consume significantly less bandwidth than a one minute video. In a test I carried out a few months ago 1 minute HTML5 = 3.4MB vs 1 minute of video = 14.5MB. HTML5 animation quality is also lossless when scaled up too.

For the benefit of comparison here is an animation we built in Adobe Animate: 

As with everything, one size doesn't fit all. HTML5 animation might work well for one brief, video might work better for another (e.g.maybe your video will live on YouTube or contains footage).

Regardless of which of the two is used you'll need to generate your graphics first. We use Adobe Illustrator for this although I'm sure there are plenty of other programmes that can do a similar job.

Governance People

We use Crazytalk Animator from Reallusion.  No monthly fees and lots of add on packs, characters, scenes, props available.  We went the whole hog and bought a motion camera for an Xbox, linked it through iClone and can port custom motions through to Crazytalk Animator.    Not really necessary, but we did it for R&D purposes for a proof of concept.

We can export mp4 videos from Crazytalk and add them directly to Storyline or host them on Vimeo and add as a web object.

Darren Wall

I've used Powtoon for the last 18 months, very user friendly and versatile! If you have access to Adobe Creative Cloud its very straightforward to get the Powtoon assets into Storyline.

However, if you want to really get into animation. I'd recommend this

All the power of After Affects - with a nice UI!

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