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Sep 19, 2012

Hi all,

Sorry for another LMS thread...

So here is the situation and I am hoping to get some solution/recommendation from the experts here.

We provide CME credit courses for which we need to keep data for 10 yesr to have the ACCME accredition.

These course are not for our employees but  for our external customers who pay for it.

The LMS that we are using right now is called IntraLearn. It sis compatible with sharepoint and only works on Inetrnet explorer browser 6 or above.

We are thinking of changing vendors and I am doing the research but need to know the following.

Which LMS provider will be able to export our existing course and also the data attached with it so that we can keep it for 10 years or so. These courses were built in the assembler (inside the LMS).

Must be able to support various browsers including be able to cater to the ipad/mobile users.

Also will have to keep in mind the cost of licence. current aroudn $5000/yr would like to be aroudn that figure.

Is there any LMS that will be able to do all this?

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Bob S


Probably not the specific reccomendation you were looking for, but I wanted to address one of your requirements in particular... export courses.

Upon re-reading your post, I think the big issue for you is going to be the exporting of courses created in a proprietary tool. Without knowing what that tool is, it's hard to say... but guessing you are going to have a challenge there.

You may wind up having to have the courses reauthored in an accepted standard  like SCORM. Then shop for an LMS that FULLY supports SCORM. This will allow you to create and post courses that are truly portable and can live on beyond your LMS vendor contract. Note: Some LMS companies claim "SCORM compatability" but do not fully support the standard; ask for proof of full compliance.

This very issue is something I've faced in the financial services world where industry-specific psuedo LMS's still abound. Many of these companies are really course content companies that want to sell you their courseware and only create a psuedo-LMS mostly allow you to house their content. Sure they tout having the ability to create your own courses as an added "feature".  But you start using their creation tool and soon realize you've become too deeply invested in time and resources spent on customized courses and user learning histories to move to another LMS. It's ugly... been there.

Again, that's why I say you may want to bite the bullet now before you are further invested, and have the courses re-authored in a fully SCORM compliant  manner. Many true LMS providers also have authoring services as a division of their company.... often a deal can be worked out if they want your business. Have them do the re-authoring into SCORM as part of your LMS contract. 

Good luck and hole this helps,


Bob S

HI Sid,

Standing offer... if you want to discuss this in detail, send me a PM and I will be glad to hash it out with you.

I've lived through the exact scenario you are talking about. When I came into the picture the organization was far far down that path and making the change was not easy... at all. But there ARE options and I would be glad to discuss with you. But to be fair.... none of the options are quick, cheap and tidy. But you have to look at the cost of not changing now and only going further down a path that sooner or later you are going to have to leave anyway...

Let me know if you want to discuss.


EDIT: Just read my post and realized my offer could sound like a solication for business.   Far from it, not doing freelance stuff right now, just an offer to brainstorm.

tin C

Thanks Bob for your generous offer to brainstorm. I don't think my director is ready to spen mone on this, as he had already todl me the last time he looke dinto it it was not possible or very expensive. I wa shoping that there wouldbe a solution without having to spend over the average amount and hassle.

Anyways, we have another year with the LMS and I was trying to gather resources if there was an easy solution so that we could atleast make the change next year. But seems like we may just ahve to stick with our LMS and make it work.

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