Any Advice/Examples of Building Training for Software Apps?

Jan 09, 2020

Hi, I am considering switching over to Articulate 360 from Captivate 2019 for building training about software applications. This training has to be viewable on on all devices and in addition to demo videos, I like to make simulations where the user clicks into the fields, etc., and all of this has to happen on multiple devices. Does anyone have advice on best practices for designing this type of training and does anyone have any example presentation like this (software app training) that you could share with me as an example? Is there somewhere else on this site that I could search for examples? Thank you very much!

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Jon Mercer

Hey Karen, this thread has some info on software sims in SL360:

I also switched from Captivate, so far, so good ;) Actually stetting up clickable fields (hotspots) is straightforward in SL. I've used them over software simulations, videos, gifs, etc. And you can preview slides, scenes, and the entire project in all formats (phone, tablet and PC).

I always test my HTML5 output on a wide variety of devices, especially the kinds of interactions you mention. So far the files have been solid across formats.

Best of luck! J

Allison LaMotte

Hi Karen,

Welcome to the community! :) I rounded up a couple of software simulations created in Storyline for you:

And here are some resources to help you get started building software simulations in Storyline:

Since you're new to the community, I thought I'd point you to this series of articles to help you get the most out of the resources available here/

I hope that's helpful! :) Let me know if you have any other questions.

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