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Jun 06, 2021

The information DUMP. There just no good way to go around it. The company's history to ties the past to the present and beyond!! Type of thing

Got any?

Any tricks when you've been forced to try and say, make some compliance training "fun"? - or have you just given up.

My company hasn't had an LMS in 6-months. And turns out BRIDGE makes you scrape your content of their slides/pages by hand. So here's a chance to demo our (hopefully) LXP - Docebo.

And I know at some point you wonderful people got tasked with something like this, because try as we might, that SME wants the learners to love the content as much as they do.



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Judy Nollet

If the company is going to force people to take a course about the company's history, try to emphasize the story aspects. Make it about the people. Perhaps even think of earlier employees as ancestors. 

For compliance training, how much you can do depends on the content. I appreciate Tom Kuhlmann's advice: if you're tasked with presenting information so HR can prove employees saw the content, then give it the corresponding effort and budget. In other words, don't put as much work into it. A quick Rise presentation may be all your need. 

I like to try to at least open a compliance course with something that will provide context and meaning to the course. Perhaps a question or a brief scenario. Then tell the story of the rest of the course.

Allison LaMotte

Hi Alison,

Great question! It's definitely a challenge.

If possible, I would keep it brief and highlight only the most relevant parts of the company history. Think about the things that may be helpful for new people to understand. For example, things that may have a lasting impact on the company culture, even today.

For example, if the company started out as a family business, maybe that's still pretty evident in the culture and would be good for new people to be aware of.

I hope that helps!