Any tips on how to improve this game? ( All Feedback Welcomed )

Nov 12, 2015

Hi guys my team just finished with a mini game to test student on basic vocabulary words. We would welcome any and all feedback on how it could be improved. Thank you all in advance. The game was inspired by Mr. Amar Kulshreshtha.  Click here to see it in action.

car quiz demo

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Jason Reed

Hi Vince,

I had fun trying this out. Here are a few ideas about your game:

  • Why not include the instructions as part of the game. You could have visual onscreen instructions like arrows on the screen. Maybe have the car collect the first piece of fruit as a demo, then allow the user to take over. That way you're straight into the action. It also makes it more intuitive.
  • Also, once I've crashed, there's no way to start over unless I refresh the whole thing. I'd love something like 3 lives and a restart/try again button.
  • Maybe some basic sound effects too, like a small sound when you collect the right fruit or a crash noise when you hit the wrong one.
Amar Kulshreshtha

Thanks Vince for appreciating my work. I am glad that it could inspire you.

Went through your game. You have come up with a really good idea. You can also have a look at a similar game which I had created some time ago.

I would like to suggest some points which would be helpful for your game.

  • Jason is right you need to insert some basic SFX /Background Music and give try again option or the no. of attempts should be more.

For SFX you can download from the site:

  • Will be more interesting if you assign some score on getting the correct answer. And also assign stars as per the score.
  •  Would be better if you include a replay button at the end of the game. Right now the game includes just two exit buttons.
  • You can also add more levels in the game. :) 

 Hope these suggestions will be helpful to you. :)

Vince Hirai

Thanks  Amar I will add the SFX and implement the advice then post up the results.  Such a great community here :)  As for the balloon game Amar:  It's a very cute and fun game !

Review of Balloon game:

When a balloon is double clicked it sometimes freezes and crashes not sure if it is due to my browser. On second slide if you click restart then click on a balloon the games locks up on FireFox. But besides from this the game is great and fun to play awesome work Amar :)

  • Maybe add a power up so players can pop all the balloons on screen
  • or the ability to have the birds help pop the balloons when they fly across the screen.


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