SL Cancer Symptoms Game

Apr 15, 2013

A recent newspaper article inspired me to try my hand at building a cancer symptoms game using StoryLine. Our nursing learning games are very popular, so I figured adding another would be a good idea.

You can view the game here.

While creating the game, several questions and decisions came to mind:

  1. I finally discovered how to use the animation feature in SL. So I went wild! After all, this is a game, and aren't games supposed to have lots of action? My question is how much animation is too much?
  2. I varied the audio feedback for the drag and drop activities. Does this make the game more interesting or more annoying?
  3. Is the use of music appropriate for this game? For example, should I add a music background track to the Symptoms Summary slides?

Hopefully this example will give others some ideas. Also, some experiences and discussions on use of animation, feedback and music will benefit us all. Thanks,


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Phil Mayor

Hi Russ

I like the idea of that, and it is well put together.

I find the use of animations a bit off-putting especially the spinning animation and there seems to be too many fonts for me, I would normally not use any more than two, possibly three across a whole project.  I think I counted 4 on the first slide.

I love the audio and visual feedback on the games, i did find the drop zone to be a bit hit and miss.

I used to be a chemotherapy nurse and always find the stock photography funny because they always have eyebrows

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