Anyone in London?

Hey guys.. whilst chatting on another thread, we got chatting about this community, and I wondered if there many of you here in  London? It seems to me that there are a lot of us here working alone, with limited support from within our organisations.

Thought it would be cool to exchange email addies - maybe organise a meet up for a coffee at some point to share ideas and tips?? 

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Phil Mayor

Hi Ant

I am based in the East Midlands, I get down to London two-three times a month.  Happy to share email addresses.  I know Bruce Graham has responded to you regarding SLUGUK  and he is working hard on organising a get together.  Also the Leeds conference is a great place to meet people


Bruce Graham


I think there are quite a lot of us, (many thousands of UK Presenter licenses sold!), however, there really needs to be a compelling reason to get people together sometimes.

I'm hoping that SLUG_UK can provide some of that contact between people, in paralle with the event that Dragos runs; not just Storyline but Presenter too, because many people who just use Presenter will just want to have a look-see at SL.

SLUG will fail unless the community gets "involved", (like here, or any other UG), so any ideas you have for e.g. get-togethers etc. would be really appreciated.


Bruce Graham

Me too - my accountant is always telling me to get my expenses higher for the purposes of tax efficiency, so I'm always up for some travel and food

It's looking possible that the "SLUG UK Jam" meeting will be in West London in October, so anyone of course will b e welcome to that as well.