Anyone in London?

Apr 17, 2012

Hey guys.. whilst chatting on another thread, we got chatting about this community, and I wondered if there many of you here in  London? It seems to me that there are a lot of us here working alone, with limited support from within our organisations.

Thought it would be cool to exchange email addies - maybe organise a meet up for a coffee at some point to share ideas and tips?? 

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Bruce Graham


I think there are quite a lot of us, (many thousands of UK Presenter licenses sold!), however, there really needs to be a compelling reason to get people together sometimes.

I'm hoping that SLUG_UK can provide some of that contact between people, in paralle with the event that Dragos runs; not just Storyline but Presenter too, because many people who just use Presenter will just want to have a look-see at SL.

SLUG will fail unless the community gets "involved", (like here, or any other UG), so any ideas you have for e.g. get-togethers etc. would be really appreciated.


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