Anyone using Docebo for an LMS?

Dec 09, 2019

I've seen some older post on Docebo but looking for current or recent customers. We are looking to purchase Docebo and will be migrate from Oracle/Taleo Learn. We mostly develop in Articulate products (Storyline, Rise and Quizmaker) publishing out to SCORM 2004. We also schedule a large amount of instructor led training and have a complex user base across multiple partners. No eCommerce. Looking for any feedback positive, negative, things to consider before we make any decisions. Thanks for any insight you can provide!

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Corkey Devlin

Hi Jessica,

We just transitioned from a custom-built LMS to Docebo (there are def. pros and cons).  We are loving Docebo.  We host ILTs for external audiences (clinician training) - ours are comprised of a pre-survey (for some ILTs); pre-work (an e-learning / SCORM course); the instructor led training event/session; and a post-survey - once all those are completed, the user's certificate is generated.  We also host a bunch of online training (videos, e-learning/SCORM course, PDFs, an e-book that's hosted elsewhere, etc.) -- for internal and external audiences.  

Honestly, we weren't able to find an solid, modern, innovative SaaS LMS solution at our price point that *also* provided a stellar ILT training registration and management solution. Note that Docebo is in the midst of fully revamping their ILT solution.  Not sure it will end up being all that we want but we will certainly be sharing our input.

If you are interested in a walk-through of our platform, let me know.  Happy to share, as it would have been super helpful to us when we were assessing our options.

Eszter Bedo

Hi Jessica, 

We implemented Docebo back in May 2019. On the hosting side of things everything works fine I develop courses with Rise and Articulate, we upload videos, youtube links, we host ILT courses and webinars and everything seems to work very well. Reporting is quite good on course completion there are no issues of that either. The content plays nicely on their mobile application and you can view courses offline too. You can create very nice blended learning solutions by adding eLearning material to ILT courses or webinars

However, their customer support is pretty bad. We are thinking of switching providers based on their customer support only. There isn't a number you can call you can only chat to people on the helpdesk who will share the info they already have on their knowledge base. Our CSM is not dealing with our requests and takes him a month to reply and he cannot escalate things either only to a certain extent. 

All in all, it is a great tool but when problems occur you will be left to your own devices. 

Hope this helps.

Dave Howard

Hi Jessica. A few years ago my team evaluated new LMS solutions and Docebo was one. We liked Travitor better. Reasonable licensing, english fluent reps,  Support, a community, documentation.

I'm an independent now and I'm standing up a free offshoot of Docebo called forma.lms. As others have said, support is minimal. No documentation. Only knowledge is siloed in Italy.

If I had a budget, I'd get Travitor right now.

Kelsey Coffey

We just purchased Docebo this year. It is easy to create courses, and the LMS is very intuitive to use/professional looking. Unfortunately, like many have mentioned, their support is lacking. There is no number to call for help, their chat takes forever and often times they just create a ticket for you anyways. You have to work really hard to prove that their is a bug or an issue. Even after I was able to record myself replicating a bug, they would still tell me that there was no bug. It takes a lot of convincing to get them to take issues seriously. 

Right now, our biggest issue is tracking. We are getting inaccurate reports of how much time users spend in the course. (I can spend an hour in a course but the report says 3 seconds total session time.) Docebo says it is Articulate that is causing the issue. 

My recommendation is that you take advantage of the demo environment they provide you before you purchase. Upload your courses and do MULTIPLE tests of taking the courses and pulling reports to see that it is accurately marking completion.

Corkey Devlin

We are having a different experience. The Chat support is great when we need a quick response. I even had one Chat rep. create a quick video for me to show me how to properly update a SCORM learning object in our LMs.
Session time on a course or learning object seems accurate.

If you leave a course open, sitting there, it still tracks that time, which I don't *think* is terribly unusual? We haven't had the issue of 3 seconds time spent shown when in actuality time spent is more. Thanks for that feedback - this will make us focus on accuracy in more detail!

One thing to note: there may be a 'bug' but if to resolve it would require a larger effort, then it would become part of a future release. For instance, we saw that the estimated time to complete changes on the course/learning plan boxes (in My courses and Learning Plans) once you enroll - but only for time under one hour. That isn't getting 'fixed' straightaway.

RE: ILT / Live training event registration and management - we knew that Docebo, like most SaaS LMS providers in this price point, did not have a complex enough solution for us but we were pretty sure that it still could serve our needs until they fully rework this feature. I won't sugar cost this piece - it's not ideal. BUT, we are coming from a custom solution that had that piece as we needed it (but was lacking in several other areas).
-- On that point, we AGREE that you should make excellent use of the trial environment before signing! AND, ask around to see if you can have a walkthrough of existing configuration (I've offered this to anyone here).


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