Rise course exporting for Docebo

We are about to export a course for a Docebo LMS - is there anything we should be aware of to avoid issues.

For example, I noticed in a previous discussion that SCORM 2004 is the better format for Docebo for tracking and TIN CAN is not. These discussions were not current so am just wondering what the current situation is?

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Cass Netzley

Our organization is in the middle of switching over from ViewCentral/Litmos > Docebo.

We've decided to export to xAPI/Tin-Can in preparation for the future. Considering SCORM hasn't seen any updates since 2007ish with the fourth edition of SCORM 2004, xAPI allows for growth and more granular tracking (and continually updated standards/possibilities).

From my understanding, it's more of Articulate (Rise) reporting matter and will be on their development team to allow data of certain criteria to be passed to a system like Docebo. For example, how long a student has stayed on a particular quiz question. Or how many times an embedded video has been played by an individual. 

What we've found as a limitation regarding Articulate (Rise) > Docebo that is on the Docebo side of things. Within the Central Repository, SCORM and Tin-Can can be uploaded. However, when creating a course available for registration/catalog purposes, ILT and VILT courses cannot have SCORM or Tin-Can materials directly attached to them. Only eLearning courses meant mainly for self-paced purposes (from how it looks Docebo designed it originally) can have Rise exported materials associated directly with a course. 

We have a request for modification in with the Docebo team to have this changed. There are workarounds for the time being. You can have the say ILT course be the specifics about the course, times, location, etc. and then have it packaged with an eLearning course that is the materials. This results in the learner having two listings, and having to inform them this is how materials will be presented. The other option is to embed an Articulate Rise share link into a VILT/ILT course. This basically iFrames a course, looks lousy with all the windows inside of windows, negates the inherent responsiveness of Rise, and doesn't use the Docebo LMS Central Repository for version control. 

Yvonne White

Hello, that is a great suggestion to Docebo to add it to ILT and VLT courses.  We have that same issue.  For a workaround, we assign the learners a learning plan. They will still have two items, but they are associated together.

I am going to look for your suggestion and vote for it on Docebo website if listed.

hope this is helpful.