Anybody using Rise in Docebo?

Dec 07, 2017

I would love to hear from anyone else using Rise in Docebo LMS. Specifically, our courses consist of multiple modules, each of which has lessons and sections. Since Docebo does not track 3 levels of hierarchy it appears we need to author each "module" as a separate Rise course. We also need to track student progress by "module" and Rise only supports a single progress/completion status per course which further reinforces the need to build each module as a separate Rise course and put the whole collection into Docebo. The catch is that we then end up with two navigation menus - one inside each module (Rise course) and a separate one from the LMS for navigating between modules. I guess all the functionality is there ... but it would be a better student experience and less confusing if we could just show one menu. What are others doing?

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Instructional Design

Hi Stephen.

We're using Rise in Docebo as well. What we have decided to do is author each module as a separate Rise course - this has worked for us because our Rise courses are longer (25 mins) and denote each lesson's approximate length (3 mins, 4 mins, etc.) We have also  set the default menu within Docebo to "hidden" and sometimes "below". We've been testing with users to get their feedback about what's confusing and making changes based on that. 

For your use case, would you be able to create a learning plan to house all of your individual Docebo courses? That would help you to track overall completion. 


Maya Yifat

Hi guys,

joining in, as we are in the process of implementing Docebo and have a lot of content that we built in Rise since it's so quick and simple and doesn't require the same skill level as SL.

I'm researching the best way to transfer our content into the LMS so it's easy for the learner and track-able for us.

I was under the impression we shouldn't link to Rise in the LMS but rather recreate the structure and the content? i.e. create some of the interactions in Engage/SL and publish as SCORM?

The other option I figured out the same as you did, that we'd have to separate some of our current courses into different Rise sites to enable the LMS to track them better.

Any insights and tips are appreciated!



Kelsey Coffey

Hi Everyone, 

I don't have a solution to this, but I am also having issues with Rise course being tracked or marked as completed in Docebo. I have two open tickets and neither Articulate or Docebo has been able to tell me the issue, but the reports tell me that a user a completed the course in a matter of seconds. When I dive in deeper to the reports, I find there are multiple times recorded, sometimes saying that the user was in the course for over an hour, but regardless the total time is still being marked at a couple of seconds. I am exporting the courses as TIN CAN, which is the most recommended according to that article from Crystal. 

If anyone else has found a solution to this, I would love to hear! 

Jerrett McCormick

Hi Mortage Champions,

Our team worked through this issue this morning. You will need to configure settings in Rise and Docebo. Rise can track through course completion, Tracking using quiz results, or by a Storyline file.

Since we are using Tracking using quiz result Docebo requires settings under Advanced Properties:

Lastly, the content package you upload to Docebo will need to be deployed to CLOR, so the interactions can be tracked within the system. 

We originally used the course completion setting, which has similar settings but does not require the same degree of configuration. Hopefully, you were able to figure this out already!

Learning Center


Question you stated: "the content package (xAPI in my case) you upload to Docebo (and use as training material in a course?) will need to be deployed to CLOR, so the interactions can be tracked within the system."

Just wondering if this is something from docebo suggesting, or did you find that this helped in your tracking the course activities?


Jerrett McCormick

Hey Jason,

Sorry, I didn't receive a notification with your reply. 

I found it in Docebo's Academy and KB. The KB article is called How to Manage the Central Repository. It's all predicated on the idea of your assets being one location where they can be distributed, updated, etc.

Feel free you contact me through DM. I'd be happy to help.

Angela Sykes

Oh boy...I could go on a rant about this problem ALL DAY. There's a recent thread here...maybe what was posted by the staff will help you...maybe not but I'm in the thread hoping more people come through with advice beyond what is there so far. Docebo Wont Trigger Rise Completion

Since your post is old...maybe you will be our champion with the answer by now! lol

LiG Playmakers Designer

I just reported this issue to Docebo again. Docebo often comes back with "we can't recreate the issue." It must be your SCORM file. There is no discernable rhyme or reason for why this keeps happening.

We do track by content completion and not by storyline block/quiz. So maybe we need to add a little storyline block at the end and use that for content completion. I'd love to figure out why it's some users and not others. And even the some users it's not all the time, just sometimes.