Docebo won't trigger completion of Rise SCORM file

Hi All -

I'm very stuck trying to get my LMS, Docebo, to trigger completion (or even save the place) for someone completing a Rise file. When they complete the training, it isn't logging the completion and just leaves them at "in progress." When they "resume" the course, it kicks them back to the beginning regardless of where they left off. Here's what I've tried:

Scorm 2004 and 1.2
Passed based on completion (95% and 1%)
Passed based on quiz result
An "exit course" button at the end

Within Docebo, I have it set as the End Object Marker for the course. 
For Score and Credits, it's listed for Do Not Enable Initial Score for Initial and Use Score of Last Training Material for Calculating Final Score. This is the only module in the course.

I tested in Scorm Cloud and was fine. I spent 2 hours on chat with a tech today and he was able to complete it successfully, but myself and a colleague could not. What am I missing here?

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Christopher Santos

Hi Shannon,

You may need to go back to Docebo support if your tests work in SCORM Cloud.  To provide more details about what is happening in the Docebo platform, you can enable debug mode to your exported course.  Here's how: Rise 360: How to Enable LMS Debug Mode.

Once enabled, you'll see a log window when you open your course in Docebo.  You can then copy and paste the log into a text file and present it to your Docebo support for analysis.

Angela Sykes

I am having the very same issue and I am losing my mind. I have done so much troubleshooting and am convinced it is on Docebo's end, but they're saying everything is fine and everything is working great when they test. I have been very, very very assertive with them and provided them evidence that nothing appears out of order with course/course file itself but they keep blowing me off and saying everything is gravy with the LMS and actually straight-up gaslighting me.

I have done what Christopher suggested on multiple occasions with tickets I've submitted as well, and sadly, that did not help. They just shrugged it off and told me to manually mark the users as complete. I do not have time for this and wish for the issue to not occur at all. I cannot find a rhyme or reason for it and it happens in clusters. Things will be fine for 2-3 months, then all of the sudden anywhere between 3-5% of our users experience this error in various different courses for a few weeks, then all goes quiet again. Rinse and repeat. 

I deal with their support staff in Italy while I am based in Florida, so coupled with the communication lag-time is the issue of the language barrier which certainly doesn't help, so if anyone finds any way around this/a solution...oh boy that would make my year!