Articulate Mobile Player vs HTML5 for iPads

Hi all,

I need to migrate some Studio 09 courses (with lots of Engage interactions and quizzes) to Studio 13 so that they run on iPads.

My understanding is that we have the choice of publishing in HTML5 or for the Articulate Mobile Player.

When I look at the mobile player on the Google Play store ( it gets a very mixed review and a poor overall score........ and it gets only two stars on the iTunes store.

Is the mobile player worth seriously considering given these reviews?

Should I just go for HTML5?

Thanks for your thoughts.



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Allison LaMotte

Hi Bryan,

As long as you're upgrading, I would recommend upgrading them to Studio 360 as the HTML5 output has been improved upon.

Here's a comparison table comparing the Studio 360 HTML5, Flash, and Articulate Mobile Play outputs:

Hope that helps!