iFrame embedding will not display html5

Jan 31, 2013

We have embedded Articulate items for years now, from Studio '09 products to Storyline.

When we embed Storyline into an iFrame  using the story.html file it should display in html5 if the user cannot view it the other ways.

My phone for instance is new and I cannot download Flash Player because the app has been removed from the store. I am using a Windows phone. If I access the page with the story.html embedded in iFrame it is blank. If I access the story_html5.html file directly the Storyline object works perfectly.

We have tried just embedding the story_html5.html file but we just get the loading symbol.

It is strange because the same embedding and same Storyline object works for iPads with Mobile Player.

Can anyone help, please?

Thank you, Kimberly

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Kimberly Kirby


I was able to finally get this "resolved". It ended up being a permissions issues, not sure what permissions were off. The way our media (Articulate files) were setup was on a separate server from our web. Once we moved our media to the same server it still would not work but then I moved the media to the same folder as the calling web site and it worked. Strange that it only messed up on HTML5 and not the Mobile Player or Flash.


Now that it works I get the pleasure of dealing with a size issue with the iFrame and HTML5. Seems Articulate has a player page that shows when a person is on an iPad (looks similar to the launch page for Mobile Player). This player page has a Play button, an image of the slide, and the name of the Articulate. Once you click play you see the HTML5 version BUT it pushes the player down and to the right within the iFrame. I've resized the iFrame within our pages that only have the Articulate but on the pages where we have text and other things with different sizes of Articulate items we cannot resize or it will throw our pages out of whack.

If anyone has any suggestions or if Articulate would like to allow us to choose whether this player page appears it would be great. NOTE: We do not have audio or visual that would be incompatible with iPad just playing the HTML5 file.

Thanks, Kimberly

Linda Rutledge

This original post is several years old, but I currently am having the exact same problem with embed option of Weebly for my Storyline360 course hosted through Amazon s3. In Weebly I can create a hyperlink to the story.html that is within the project course file, but when I try to embed with the embed option of Weebly and the iframe command it just shows up blank. 

I also suspect it is a permissions issue - either with Articulate or Cloudberry or Amazon s3, but I am not sure what to change to make this work. I don't fully understand what Kimberly is talking about when she says "moved the media to the same folder as the calling web site". Do I just need to rearrange some folders within the project folder?

Any help is much appreciated. 


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Linda,

This thread is a bit older, and I'm not incredibly familiar with Weebly or Cloudberry, but we do have this article on uploading to Amazon S3 with Cloudberry - so I'd start there. 

I wouldn't change the file or folder structure of your Storyline published output, so I'm also not sure about Kimberly's idea. 

Sorry I'm not much help - but you may also want to look at posting a new discussion with your exact scenario, as that may get a few more eyes on it based on the title and description matching your needs. Let me know if you need anything else! 

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