Articulate Storyline 2: Need a specific results slide

Dec 02, 2014

Hi all,

I am building a course in which I have 20 questions.  The user will only be presented with about 5 questions in the course, based on the path they take and the answers they provide.  Is there any way I can show the results of only the questions they have answered according to the path they have taken, along with the correct/incorrect responses (results review)?  Thanks so much in advance.


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Allison LaMotte

I just tried this out in Storyline 2, and it seems like the review quiz feature automatically includes only those questions that the learner has answered (see attached .story file).

Does the branching section of your course include questions only, or are there regular slides in between the questions? 

If you don't mind sharing your .story file, it would make it easier for us to help you solve this problem.



Noureen Shaikh

Thanks so much Allison.  I have regular slides in between the questions and it is a pretty complicated layout.  Unfortunately, I cannot share the file due to confidentiality agreement between myself and my client.  I will give it a go and see if the quiz feature will automatically include only the answered questions.  Thanks.

Noureen Shaikh

To re-clarify, we want the print results to show only the questions that the learner was presented.  Currently when you activate PRINT RESULTS, all of the questions that are in the RESULTS SLIDE are shown, even though only a subset of the questions were actually asked.  

There is a file,  REPORT.HTML that controls the creation of the PRINT RESULTS page.

Any help would be appreciated.  

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