Articulate Storyline Vs Adobe Products

Dec 16, 2014

I am a rusted-on Articulate freelancer, having come through the ranks of Presenter in 2008 to Storyline 2 now.

I have a potential client who is expressing a preference for experience with "adobe products".  I don't really know but I am guessing that there are Adobe products in the marketplace that can be used to produce online training.

Can anybody give me a heads-up as to:

what Adobe products are most commonly used

strong arguments in support of Articulate Storyline being better.



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Ralf  Baum

Hi Steve,

The most common products of Adobe in the elearning world are:

Adobe Presenter (comparable with Studio) = transform a PowerPoint file to a learning course

Adobe Captivate (comparable with Storyline) = creating material from scratch / and a very powerful screen recording tool.

The unique selling point of Articulate Storyline (comparing with Adobe Captivate):

It is much easier to create interactions on the stage of a slide. You have the possibiliy to work with states of an object. In Captivate you must find a workaround for using the selected status.

Best regards

Brent deMoville

Currently, the only strength I see in Captivate 8 that is not better executed in Storyline 2 is the ability to publish to multiple mobile platforms with the software automatically resizing the layout of the content.

Your client won't care, but the difference in technical support between Adobe and Articulate is dramatic.  As you can see in these forums, you get a quick response from both Articulate Staff and from other users in the community.  Adobe is...

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