Articulate Users Conference, Anyone?

Jul 19, 2013

As an eLearning developer, I've attended several industry conferences (the big ones) and always been a little disappointed in the sessions offered. My biggest complaint is that the majority (if not all) are either vendors/sponsors pushing a product, the same folks rehashing their mobile learning and HTML5 presentations, or nothing that shows practical application of things (for example, talking about why you should incorporate gamification without showing anyone how to actually do it with the tools we use).

For an upcoming conference, a colleague of mine and myself submitted proposals for sessions to do exactly this (engage in the creative process of how to create exciting storyboards for your eLearning with a dry topic, and creative ways to create interest graphics and animations for your courses on the cheap). Both were rejected by the organizers (for reasons unexplained).

I'm afraid the conference is going to be more of the same again this year (based on what the featured sessions listed are). I know Storyline use is growing, and I've even been asked to consult with some outside users for big companies (recommended to me by internal team members) with tips, tricks, recommendations, etc. because there doesn't seem to be any organized conferences/workshops to address this need. If there are, I'm not aware of them.

So my questions are:

1. Are there any of you that would be interested in attending such a workshop/conference for a day or two with nothing but sessions regarding building better Storyline/Presenter courses?

2. Are there any of you that feel you could run a session such as this, even if it's for a specific type of implementation (like creating a media gallery, using variables to create multi-language presentations, doing certain types of animations, graphic design, creating games, etc.)?

3. Would Articulate be interested in co-sponsoring or organizing an event like this?

I thought a 1-2 day conference/workshop to specifically address the kinds of things Articulate users want help with, or new tricks to learn, would be extremely helpful and I would be more than happy to help coordinate something like this if there was enough interest.

It would be a paid event, of course. Personally, I would get a LOT more out of something like this than the super-expensive big conferences, which is why we are not attending this years'.


EDIT - I may add to the below list as responses come in.


Types of course I think might be useful (* indicates someone has indicated they could run a session on this):

  • Getting started with Storyline
  • Using variables to create multi-language courses
  • Different uses for variables within a course
  • Developing courses specifically for mobile (phones/tablets)
  • Creating custom characters/graphics*
  • Creating interesting menus*
  • Creating custom menus/navigation (ideas on different UIs that can be created)
  • Incorporating gamification using Storyline/Presenter
  • Creating interesting drag and drop activities*
  • Creating a portfolio site with Wordpress*
  • Recording using Storyline (simulations, screen recordings, best practices, etc.)

And the 2 myself and my colleague have already drafted:

  • Creative storyboard writing (with dry content)
  • Creating custom graphics/imagery, including ideas for animations using Storyline/Presenter (and doing it on the cheap /with a small team/no team)
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Rebekah Massmann

I posted something similar in the other thread going on about an elearning conference, so I do apologize for double posting. I just want to keep track of what's going on. I definitely agree with all that's been mentioned so far. I've been to conferences before where the workshops are mid-week prior to the conference, which makes for a long time away from work. Not sure I'd get approval to travel/attend, but I would definitely be interested in a user conference next year! I'm in the middle of the country, so I guess I'd have to travel regardless of where we go, though the East Coast does seem to make the most sense.

Chris Perez

I think the problem is going to be getting financial backing to book a location (without a corporate sponsor). Without knowing how many would attend, it would be a gamble.

But I think a price to get people to come is going to have to be in the $300-400 range, IMO. Low enough to get people to come, but enough to cover the cost of the event if we can get 50 people or so to attend, I would think. Just a ballpark guestimate, of course.

Not sure how willing people would be to pay up front (a deposit based on dates being set, which could be refunded if the event doesn't get enough attendees) in order to assess potential attendance and get the money needed to book a venue. Just spitballing here....

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Agree, an Articulate User's conference would be awesome. Depending on location and timing, I'd be interested. East Coast, esp. Boston, works for me.

Now keeping any eye on both threads, this one and the thread that was referenced earlier where Articulate, according to a March 2013 post by Tom K., are also thinking about a conference.

Yes, Chris, up front $$$ is always an issue, esp. without a sponsor ;(.

Harriet Stroupe

My company would  be interested in sending at least one person, probably two, to an Articulate Users Conference if the registration fee is reasonable and the sessions are practical, hands-on experiences. Location wouldn't be make-or-break, but for those of us west of the Mississippi, it would be nice to have the conference near a major hub like Chicago, Atlanta or Dallas, where it's easier for us to get direct flights in and out. And there's always Vegas...

Kimberly Valliere

ABSOLUTELY. 100%, where do I sign up? I attended one of Tom's rapid e-learning/storyline introduction classes just to be around the Storyline buzz even though I am a little further advanced than some of the material. I found the two-day training to be far better than any conferences I've attended. A conference or even a workshop devoted to the advanced Storyline functionality, with Tom's "bonuses" would be perfect.

I'm still trying my best to network with colleagues here in Dallas, TX to start some type of Storyline/Presenter user group to share best practices. We all need a little nerd time in our lives. Some larger, live type of user group would be fantastic as well with monthly webinars of tips, tricks and inspiration...essentially an extension of the blog with speakers and topics to lure me into the e-learning black hole that I love.

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