Assessment Retesting (with limits)

Hi, I am very new to Articulate :).  I created an assessment course (Articulate 360) with 90% or higher as passing.  Trainees should have two chances to complete the assessment.  How do I design this action?  I assume it is a trigger or maybe a variable?  I have looked online and books and I just cannot figure it out.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Darlene

Welcome to Articulate :-)

On the result slide there should be two layers - success and failure.  You can add a retry button to the fail layer and then hide that retry button when they have completed their two attempts.  


  1. Create a number variable called eg. 'attempts' default to 1. 
  2. Create the following trigger on the Retry button (in this order) of the fail layer.
    1. Change state of Retry button to hidden when timeline starts on fail layer on condition that 'attempts' = 2. (So the first time they run through it the variable will be equal to one and the Retry button will display) then when they click the retry button it will increment to 2 and this trigger will fire and hide it when/if they fail the second time.
    2. Adjust variable 'attempts' add 1 when user clicks retry button.  This will increment the attempts to 2.
    3. Reset results (result slide number) when user clicks Retry button.
    4. Jump to slide (first question slide or question bank) when user clicks Retry button.

Let me know how you go