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Oct 01, 2020


I extracted an audio file from PPT and it's a MP4a. I went to Audacity to download it and ended up downloaing Wavepad. I went back to Audacity and found Audacity, but now Audacity doesn't allow me to import MP4a. I didn't realize that PPT didn't have MP3 files. Any advice for working around this?



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Sarah Hodge

Hi Kandice! From this other discussion, it looks like the audio files will ultimately need to be imported into Storyline. If that is true, I just wanted to share another option for you in case it helps. You can also import your PowerPoint project with audio into Storyline 360. I recommend starting a new project.

These are the steps I would try:

  • Choose New Project when first opening Storyline 360. This should open to Story View.
  • Click the File tab at the top left-hand corner. Choose Import and then PowerPoint.
  • After the slides load, you'll need to click the "Import" button which will be next to Cancel.
  • From here, you should be able to Preview the course and hear the audio!

If for some reason it doesn't capture all the audio, you can also try Tom Kuhlmann's suggestion in this thread. I hope that helps! 

Sarah Hodge

Thanks for letting me know, Kandice! In that case, we don't limit you to a list of supported file types in Rise.  We expect virtually every format of audio files to be supported.  The maximum file size for each audio clip you upload to Rise is 5 GB. If you run into an issue with a particular file, let us know, and we'll give you some help!

Cristina Graham

Hi Sara!! 

Thank you for helping me.

When I went to upload my audio in Rise, I didn't see the option to upload a mp4a file so that's why I turned to Audacity hoping I could upload it and then save it as an mp3 or wav file. I found Wavepad Sound Editor which allowed me to convert it to a WAV file. 

Did I miss something in Rise?

Thank you!


Sarah Hodge

Happy to help, Kandice! 🙂 When adding in Audio files, you may need to change the File Type it's looking for on your Windows or Mac machine to allow for All Files to find those M4A files.

I'm using a Windows machine. After clicking Upload audio in Rise 360, I navigated to where I saved the M4A file. I edited what files my computer looked for by changing the bottom right option from Custom Files to All Files. Once I did this, the file showed up in the folder and I was able to upload it into my Rise 360 course. I hope that helps! 

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