Audio plays on slide return even with pause media trigger

Nov 13, 2017

Hello, I have audio narration in a course and when you click Prev from the next slide to come back the audio plays the last few seconds of audio.  I placed a variable on the slide that sets it true when you click next from this slide, then I put a trigger on the slide that tells it to pause the media when the timeline starts if the variable is true.  Initially  I had it set to Stop media but that didn't stop it, so I tried pause, that isn't working either.  Any ideas why it only plays the last few seconds.  I have the slide to resume saved state btw.

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Keithia Kirkaldy

So is this a new bug in SL3?  I thought this was an issue with just one slide, but I see it is an issue with all my slides that I have set to Resume Saved State.  I don't remember having this issue in SL2 or SL1. Anyone else have similar issue with audio playing the last 1-2 seconds of audio when you revisit the slide via Prev button?  I can't believe I have to set additional variables and triggers now on each slide to prevent the audio from doing this.....

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