Back-Up security for Rise creations

Jul 25, 2019

Hi everyone.

Just a thought that my colleague brought up: When we publish our Rise courses, they go onto the Articulate server and we get a link to share with whoever needs to access the course. 

However, as there doesn't appear to be a way (that I've seen) to publish completed courses anywhere else, what happens to all of our work if that server crashes or is otherwise compromised somehow?

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Joseph Brightman

If you click Export in the top right, then select LMS, you should get a downloadable .zip file you can post to your LMS. Also, if you export for web, you'll get a downloadable .zip file with the output ready for web, but with no LMS/SCORM. 

As far as the project files go, we're at the hands of the servers. If they go down, I believe we just have to wait until they come back up, and hopefully restore our projects from a recent backup. This hasn't happened to me yet, so I'd assume that's rare.

Hope it helps!

2Training Loan

But the question i think is still valid. Why are we not able to download and archive the rise  project file it self offline? It only lives in the cloud ( on servers ) as it is today.
From security and continuity plan perspective that might be something to look into.

Currently it is like creating a really cool photoshop project that you can export in all kinds of ways but you are not able to save the project .psd.file in your own network archive or content management system.

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