Base Layer Hover Issue

I'm having an issue with layers and hover triggers. I have created a slide where I have outlined how to use the buttons to navigate the course. My base layer gives 2 options for the user to select - each selection shows a different layer. I have the buttons working correctly where the correct layer is shown on selection and then the user can return to the base layer. My issue is that once in the additional layer, the hover trigger from the base layer continues to work for only one of the option buttons. I have selected 'Hide objects from the base layer' and 'Prevent the user from clicking on the base layer' but somehow I can't figure out how to to address this. 


Also if anyone would know how to make the grey Continue button appear only after the user has selected both options that would be great. I can't seem to get the variable settings working, thanks!

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Sarah Hodge

Hi Ronan! I'm glad Phil was able to help you out with your base layer hover issue!

To make the grey Continue button appear, add Visited states to each of the two buttons.

Visited State

Then, create a new trigger to change the state of the Continue button to Normal when the sate of both objects is visited. 

continue state

I hope that helps! 😊