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Jun 26, 2020

Hi All,

Happy Friday! and Good Morning from sunny London, UK.

I couldn't find any recent posts on this topic (well anything less than 2 years old), so here goes...

I hope you are all safe and well. I have been creating Elearning for companies I have worked for, for several years (it's been about 25% of my job). However, I am breaking out on my own and going freelance.

I am currently well on the way to mastering Storyline 360, so that's one tick.

However, even though I have been doing it for years, I feel a need to evaluate my Elearning Instructional Design techniques and take what I can offer to another level.

In short, I am looking for where I can get the best, and most recognized training and potentially a certificate that demonstrates my level of competence in elearning instructional design.

Correct me if I am wrong, but there doesn't seem to be an industry standard recognized certificate.

I am currently looking at the two options listed below and would really appreciate some feedback from any of you on whether you think they are worth it, and on what your experiences are. Have any of you done either of these? Are there others I should be considering? Am I wasting my time and I just need to have an outstanding portfolio of my work on my site and that will be enough?

This is a business for me so I have the mindset of I don't mind paying for the education, if it is going to get me to were I want to go must faster with less frustrating mistakes and it's going to teach me skills and provide information that might take me a few years to gather or experience myself. However, I don't want to be studying for years. Just a few weeks max is what I am looking for.

Thanks in Advance



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Tom Kuhlmann

Hello Carlton,

Here's a list of various programs I pulled together a while back with some feedback from the community.

Here's my view on this:

  • Build a solid portfolio that has nice looking and interactive modules. A lot of people use the weekly challenges David pulls together to build out demos for their portfolios. I also have a blog post on a few of the things you should feature.
  • You don't need a certificate if you can demonstrate your skills with a good portfolio, but if you are going to spend the time and money I wouldn't do either of the ones you mentioned. Instead get a certificate from one of the formal schools. Many of them have good programs. I hear a lot of good things from Bloomsburg and know many of their graduates. They have a certificate program.

Hopefully, you'll get some feedback from others in the community.

Nikos Markatopoulos
  • I could not agree more with Tom. Building your own portfolio you will upgrade your skill set. Yesterday I completed my MicroMasters in Instructional Design & Technology designed by University of Maryland Take a look at (nice learning experience).
  • Bloomsburg's certificate is also challenging and this is guaranteed by Professor Karl Kapp. 

Best regards, 


Carlton Johnson

Thanks Tom,

Ironically, I was just listening to a recording of your webinar on 360 content library, so it was interesting to then get notification of a reply and see it was you. Funny how things work out! That's excellent input and I will have a close look at Bloomsburg. 

Thanks Again


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