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Allison LaMotte

Hi Ada!

I feel your pain, I'm also not a fan of listening to my voice on a recording (apparently almost everyone feels that way!). The good news is that other people probably don't feel that way about your voice! :)

I'm not sure there's really a "best" microphone, but this is the one I use and it works pretty well.

Also if you haven't checked out this article on recording your own audio, I would do that! it talks about how to choose your microphone and much more. 

Hope that helps!

Daniel Brigham

Ada: Blue Yeti is the go-to choice for inexpensive, yet decent microphones. 

As you get more skilled in this area, you'll find you have more control recording into an external software (Adobe Audition, Audacity), but Articulate allows you to record right into its software, which can save time.