Best practices for embedding web content inside of Rise

May 15, 2019

I am curious to learn from others what you have found works well in terms of embedding content inside of Rise. I struggle with getting the Rise embed to work on mobile devices. It usually works well on tablet and desktop. I know this is dependent on the embed content. I am just trying to figure out what parameters work best in terms of the iframe embed code. 

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Holley Berley

Our Rise courses look pretty great on mobile (we open them through our LMS which launches it in a new window).  

If by embedding content you mean video embedding from an outside source (i.e. Vimeo or YouTube), I would suggest setting the video size to "small" in the settings for that video block.  The embedded video can be toggled to full screen by the user anyway, and it may fit better for your mobile viewing.

Anthony Goss


VIdeos work great in Storyline.  I am talking about other iframe embed codes.  It is a hit and miss with Rise.  For example, I use Bookwidgets and cannot get them to successfully embed inside of Rise.  They look fine on larger screens, but they break down when viewing them on a phone.  I know they are built to be responsive, but the iFrame code tends to not work well in Rise.  You also can't customize the code for device sizes inside of Rise.  For example, if I increase the height parameter, this may fix the view on a phone but it results in a lot of extra space on the larger devices.  This is probably a result of how the iFrame is interpreted inside of Rise.  

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