Best vendors for off the shelf elearning?

I'm sure this sets me up for a barrage of sales posts (attn sales folks: PM me instead!), but hopefully some of you can assist! Has anyone worked with a vendor or contractor who has provided truly excellent e-learning to your company? I'm in a position now where I can only develop a couple courses a year, and need vendors to fill in the rest of my curriculum. Specifically right now I'm looking at local vendors (based in Seattle) but I'm having trouble vetting potential companies - very few/no reviews online. 

Tips or suggestions for working with vendors/contractors are also very welcome!


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Bob S

Hi Leigh,

Good question but you may wan to provide a bit more clarity around the type/topics of training you are interested in.  Experience tells me that even if they have a broad catalogue, vendors are always stronger in one area over another.

That being said, let me give you my standard recommendation for compliance, HR, and safety-type training topics..... Syntrio.   Not only do these guys have good courses, they are true experts in the compliance arena and understanding what is required by state and topic.  Finally, they have the best technical support I've ever encountered in my career.

Standard disclaimer - No affiliation with Syntrio other than as a highly satisfied customer.

Hope this helps!

UPDATE:  Two more for you....

For high end softskills you might want to check out Franklin Covey's two fairly new series (levels) of courses.  Many of them are based on their standard setting topics like 7 Habits, 5 steps to Productivity, Emotional EQ, etc  and some are based on narrower skills. Good stuff you can be proud to host.... not cheap.

If you want a SUPER broad library of mostly video-based courses, check out Biz Library. Incredibly broad catalogue covering any topic you can imagine.  All video based, most with ancillary materials and quizzes, and ranging from 2 min micro courses up to 60 mins +.   Very reasonable but prepared to spend time working through the offerings to figure out which ones make sense for you.