Best way to Control the Player

Oct 31, 2019

I've had a request to disallow the learner from prematurely clicking on the next button and clicking through the module without listening to the content.

What would be the best way to approach this. I was thinking that allowing going back to a previous slide and not allowing the next slide until the timeline stops.

I am unsure of the best practice for this - could some of you chime in and make suggestions. I have about 100 slides I have to tweak before next Friday - Thanks for your help.



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Ellyn White

Whoa 100 slides? Fastest and easiest way I can think of is to change the settings in your player to only allow the user to drag the seek bar after completion. This is the first step and what I do on all my classes.


Then I put two triggers on the slide. One to say change state of next button to hidden when the timeline starts on this slide and the other to say change state of next button to normal when the timeline ends on this slide. 

With those two, they have to play the entire slide before they can advance and they can't advance the content on the slide until they've watched it all. Works like a charm! See attached screenshots.

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