Best Way to Present a Procedure?

I've been given a page of steps to follow in a bureaucratic procedure, and I need to build a course from it.

I'm brainstorming before my first real discussion with my client - where I hope to find out all the juicy, disastrous, and/or sexy things that can happen if they don't follow the procedure so I can exploit those in my course - but in the meantime I'm looking for good examples and ideas of e-learning courses that presented procedures that could have been deadly dull, but through amazing instructional design they became engaging and sticky as all heck. 

Have you seen any procedural course examples you can share?

Thank you!!

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Patti Bryant

Good morning!

While I can't remember where I have seen a really good procedural example right now, I wonder if the courses at could give you some inspiration. There are several great courses and some of them are sort of procedures. For example, the "Prepare for an Earthquake" course could be thought of as a procedure because there are certain steps that must be taken in order to prepare.

If I was going to start this out, I would use Cathy Moore's Action Mapping technique. I would start by asking the company what the measurable business goal and then ask them what needs to be DONE (not what learners need to know) in order to achieve that. I think you're already on the right track by trying to get some really good scenarios to put in the course. Also, for the really boring stuff that you can't use a scenario, etc. for, I would try using the "Process" Engage Interaction.

I hope this helps!


Natalia Mueller

Hey Jackie- here is a demo course that from the community (I'm sorry I don't recall the developer to give proper credit. Chime in if anyone knows!)

It could easily be a mind-numbing list of do's, don'ts and bullet points, but instead it's completely engaging. Maybe even sticky? Not sure...

Hazzard Communication

More great examples that are not necessarily process oriented, but still great inspiration for engaging ideas, can be found here

2010 Guru Winners

and here

2010 Guru Honorable Mentions

Hope some of this helps! Good luck,