Correct procedure for exporting RISE content to an LMS

May 04, 2023

I just want to verify the correct procedure for exporting RISE content to an LMS. To export a course, I have been going into the course, then going to the "Publish" option in the top right menu and from there selecting "LMS". I have been selecting the default SCORM package of SCORM 1.2 when I do the export. Courses have been getting exported successfully. To export individual modules, I have been creating new courses comprised of just that individual module and then exporting that as a course to my institution's LMS.  When I get to my LMS, there is a procedure I follow for importing the RISE contents and the process I use for that has been verified as correct by our tech support staff for our LMS. Please let me know if I am exporting Rise content correctly to my LMS. The training video I found uses this process so I am assuming it is correct. However, I wanted to check to be sure in case there is something else I should be doing. I just want to be sure to optimize access for our learners so they won't encounter any technical issues. Thank you.

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Karl Muller

Hi Dana,

The short answer is: if the Rise courses are working correctly in your LMS,  then you are doing it right.

Longer answer: There are differences between the  various SCORM versions. 

Judy Nollet

It sounds like you're doing fine. My one suggestion is to check with your LMS folks about the SCORM standard to use. 

SCORM 1.2 has a limited capacity for storing suspend/resume data. That means if a user exits near the end of a large course, the LMS might not save all the data, and the user might have to resume the course from an earlier point. 

SCORM 2004 (edition 3 or 4) has a much higher data limit. 

Here's more info: Storyline: Exceeding SCORM Suspend Data Limits - Articulate Support