Best method for copying and exporting Rise 360 course modules

May 08, 2023

I have been working with Rise 360 to create online courses for our learners. However, my institution uses another LMS, Brightspace's D2L, so we are adding Rise 360 contents to a course page within it.  We have exported a full course to it and it worked well and was viewable. However, we were unable to have the course progress tracked simultaneously in both D2L and the imported Rise 360 course.   Therefore, we have been exporting individual course modules from Rise to D2L. The process I found for this is to copy the module to another course (which we create specifically for the individual module) then copy that module (from the full course) to the smaller course created specifically for that module. The next step I use is to go to the course containing just the module, then export it to my LMS by going to the Publish option, in the top right menu, and selecting LMS from the drop down menu.  If someone could let me know if the above steps that I menioned, is the best method for exporting individual lessons/modules to an LMS, that would be very helpful. If someone knows another faster or efficient process that too would be great. Thanks in advance for any assistance anybody can provide.

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Steven Benassi

Hi Dana!

Thanks for reaching out!

I see you've already submitted a support case pertaining to copying/exporting Rise 360 course models. Great call! Our support engineers have a wealth of knowledge and insight, and would be happy to work with you one on one! You should be hearing from them shortly!

We'll continue this conversation over in your support case!